Why Use a Surgery Center?

Fortunately, you have a choice and ultimately it is your decision as a patient as to where you receive your services.  We hope the information on our website helps you in your decision making process.  Here are a few quick facts about the benefits offered by an ASC.   

1:  ASC's provide high quality patient care.

Surgery centers are highly regulated to ensure absolute quality patient care and safety.  Every center is routinely inspected by the Alabama Department of Public Health, CMS and 100% of AAASC members voluntarily submit to additional accreditation inspections.  Furthermore, our surgery centers are equipped with state of the art equipment and staffed by some of the best, most talented surgeons in Alabama.

2:  ASC's offer a warm, and personalized environment for your procedure.

Since surgery centers focus on a limited number of processes in a smaller setting, they are able to provide a more personalized, comfortable experience for the patient.    The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association reports that surgery centers boast a 92% patient satisfaction rate.

3:  ASC's are cost effective.

ASC’s are paid by Medicare and commercial insurance companies at significantly less rates compared to hospital based outpatient surgery departments.  This translates to lower costs for you, your employer, and the government [and you again as a taxpayer!].   

4:  ASC's are physician owned.

Physician ownership adds a unique quality to ASC's.  Physicians expect the very best treatment and care for their patients.  As owners, physicians direct and control all aspects of our centers, keeping patient care and safety our first priority. 

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