Physicians are the bedrock of our surgery centers.  The vast majority of our centers were founded by physicians in their respective communities, and many remain an active and vital partner, providing a voice in practically every aspect of our operations. 

ASC’s allow doctors better control over their lives.  One of the most precious resources available to a physician is time,  and ASC's have an established reputation of providing service in a very efficient manner.  Physicians simply get more done in less time in an ASC. Not only can they schedule procedures more conveniently, assemble their own staff of specialists, and ensure quality control of equipment and supplies,  ASC’s provide doctors with a level of professional-autonomy not commonly found in their practice of medicine today.  

Surgeons working in an ASC will find their investment opportunity does not end with clinical or operational matters.  ASC's are one of the last physician practice affiliated ownership opportunities in existence today.   All of our Member facilities rely on their physician partners for guidance and support.  In return, physician partners can expect exceptional service and care for their patients while also sharing in any financial success of the facility.  Ownership creates a higher level of engagement from physicians, and an ASC benefits greatly by physicians being actively involved.

If you’re a physician who is interested in exploring the possibilities of operating in one of our Member ASC's, please  contact us today.